About Us

NSA Diagnostic Laboratory has been operating since 1958, founded by Prof. Nasseh Amin. NSA is considered as one of the most advanced labs in Egypt. Maintaining personalized services for its stakeholders, as well as the main role of the lab "Diagnosis"

NSA Diagnostic Laboratory operates through two different segments.
Firstly, a group of stand-alone labs located at prime locations all over Egypt, with the latest and up to date equipments.
Secondly, being the backbone of well reputed hospitals and some polyclinics where NSA is the lab that is responsible for all medical testing there, serving all our patients with class A quality.
Our main focus is delivering quality care and with Cost-value return. NSA plays a key role in improving the health of many Egyptians, by providing access to quality service for more than 200,000 patients annually.

Prof. Nasseh Amin

  • Founded NSA Diagnostic Laboratory in 1958
  • Chairman of clinical and chemical pathology department, Kasr El-Aini Medical School, Cairo University.
  • Head of the Egyptian Society of Laboratory Medicine.
  • Head of Egyptian Society of Hematology.


Board of Directors

Prof.Sherif Nasseh Amin

  • Professor of Clinical & Chemical pathology, Kasr El-Aini Medical School, Cairo University
  • Chairman of NSA Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Chairman of Cell safe Cord Blood Bank.
  • Chairman of TOMA Genetic Laboratory in Egypt.
  • Kasr El Ainy Hospital Manager 2010 till 2013.
  • Head of Flowcytometry Unit at Cairo University.
  • A.Prof.Hisham Issa

  • A.professor of Clinical Pathology MD clinical Pathology.
  • NSA Diagnostoc Laboratory lab General Manager.
  • Head of Stem cell Department MSA University.
  • Cell Safe bank founder & General Manager.
  • TOMA Genetic Laboratory Egypt Branch Manager.