Advanced Tests


  • Bone marrow services
  • Flow cytometry
  • IHC
  • Coagulation Testing (all coagulation factors, platelet function using impact R)
  • Hemolytic autoimmune Profiles
  • Hypercoagulable stain: ptn C, S,ATIII, Factor V leiden


  • All viral screening using fully automated equipment
  • Autoimmune testing including routine immunofluorescence, and full autoimmune screening by western blot
  • Therapeutic and abuse drug monitoring, post transplant drug levels.


  • Infertility testing.
  • IVF preparation testing.
  • Endocrine and developmental hormonal testing.

Molecular testing

  • PCR to all viral marker.s
  • Thrombophillia screening for 11 mutations.
  • FMF testing for 11 mutation.
  • Hematological malignancy testing BCR-ABL, JAK2, AML and ALL genetic testing.
  • HLA typing for bone marrow transplantation.

Antenatal Screening by:

Delfiaepress & Perkin Elmer