Cell Safe Bank

Cell safe is the first cord blood bank in Egypt and the Middle East. Cell safe Bank acquired its license from the Ministry of Health 2009. The bank is fully automated, FDA approved managed by a team highly specialized in Stem Cell Technology.


Toma Laboratory- Italy

The best Genetic lab in Egypt soon, covering all advanced genetic testing.

TOMA Advanced Biomedical Assays Laboratory is a private facility operating within the National Health Service, found in Italy. It was the first Italian private facility working on prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases and one of the first in the world. The acquirement of assay equipment of the newest technology has made possible the implementation of the quality of the service, the drastic reduction of the time required to perform the service and an updating of methods and analytical process. The result of this renewal has made possible for our laboratory to stand out as one of the more technologically advanced among the private ones.