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Customer Service

Our customer service culture is built on the base of understanding the customer needs, we provide an integrated top-notch, timely, and convenient services, which ensures the best experience through these four mediums

  • Same day results.
  • Web based results.
  • Home sample collection visits.
  • Archived report reprinting is available.

  • “We continuously improve diagnostic solutions to revolutionize our patient’s healthcare.”


    Home Sampling Visits

    Its our role to make you comfortable, just ask about getting your sample taken from your house.



    For the comfort and convenience of our patients, we are implementing a new result delivery system by e-mail, upon request, at No extra charge.


    Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC) has accredited NSA Diagnostic Laboratories in compliance with the requirements of ISO 15289:2007. In some medical testing disciplines of clinical chemistry, hormones & tumor markers and hematology. From the benefits of accreditation is that it gives consumers confidence through ensuring consistently high standards in the quality of the services purchased in the global market place.