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Availabe Tests


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Code Name Unit
1Alkaline PhosphataseChemistry Unit
33A/G Ratio (TP-Alb.-Glob.-A/G)Chemistry Unit
34Acid Phosphatase (Prostatic)Chemistry Unit
35Acid Phosphatase (Total & Prostatic)Chemistry Unit
36Acid Phosphatase (Total)Chemistry Unit
37Albumin In CSFChemistry Unit
38Albumin in UrineChemistry Unit
39Ammonia In BloodChemistry Unit
40Amylase In UrineChemistry Unit
41Anti EndomycialChemistry Unit
42Anti GliadinChemistry Unit
100AGLT (Acidified Glycerol Lysis Time)Hematology Unit
101Alpha ThalassemiaHematology Unit
102Antithrombin III LevelHematology Unit
231Angiotesin Converting Enzyme 400.00Hormones Unit
230AndrosteindioneHormones Unit
229AldosteroneHormones Unit
228ACTH (PM)Hormones Unit
227ACTH (AM)Hormones Unit
251Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)in pregnancyImmunology Unit
252Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)in serumImmunology Unit
271AFP in Amniotic FluidImmunology Unit
272AIDS Test (HIV 1&2, 3rd Generation)Immunology Unit
273Allergy Panel (Food & Inhalant )Immunology Unit
274Alpha-1 AntitrypsinImmunology Unit
275AMH LevelImmunology Unit
276Amphetamine In UrineImmunology Unit
277Amyloid A ProteinImmunology Unit
278Anti - Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgG)Immunology Unit
279Anti CCPImmunology Unit
280Anti Centromere AbImmunology Unit
281Anti DNA (Anti-ds-DNA, anti-native-DNA)Immunology Unit
282Anti DNA TiterImmunology Unit
283Anti GilaidinImmunology Unit
284Anti Glomerular Basement MembraneImmunology Unit
285Anti Microsomal AntibodiesImmunology Unit
286Anti Mitochondrial Antibodies (AMA)Immunology Unit
287Anti Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies (ANCA)Immunology Unit
288Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA)Immunology Unit
289Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA), TitreImmunology Unit
290Anti RNP by ELISAImmunology Unit
291Anti Smith AntibodiesImmunology Unit
292Anti Sperm Antibodies (Cervical Mucous)Immunology Unit
293Anti Sperm Antibodies (Semen)Immunology Unit
294Anti Sperm Antibodies (Serum)Immunology Unit
295Anti-Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgM)Immunology Unit
296Antithyroid AntibodiesImmunology Unit
297Antithyroid Antibodies (Microsomal)Immunology Unit
298Antithyroid Antibodies (Thyroglobulin)Immunology Unit
299Auto Immune Screening (Western Blot)Immunology Unit
388Anal SwabMicrobiology Unit
389Anti Bilharzia Antibodies (IHA)Microbiology Unit
390Anti Fasciola Antibodies (IHA)Microbiology Unit
391Anti Hydatid Antibodies (IHA)Microbiology Unit
392Antistreptolysin O Titre (ASOT)Microbiology Unit
393Ascitic Fluid Culture For FungiMicrobiology Unit
394Ascitic Fluid Examination C ⁄ SMicrobiology Unit
395Ascitic Fluid Examination for FungiMicrobiology Unit
396Ascitic Fluid Film For AFB (TB)Microbiology Unit
533Aminogram (Plasma)Pathology and Cytogenetics Unit
534Aminogram (Urine)Pathology and Cytogenetics Unit