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Availabe Tests


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Code Name Unit
17Serum AlbuminChemistry Unit
18Serum AmylaseChemistry Unit
19Serum ChlorideChemistry Unit
20Serum CholesterolChemistry Unit
21Serum CreatinineChemistry Unit
22Serum Iron LevelChemistry Unit
23Serum MagnesiumChemistry Unit
24Serum PhosphrousChemistry Unit
25Serum Potassium (K)Chemistry Unit
26Serum Sodium (Na)Chemistry Unit
27Serum Sodium and PotassiumChemistry Unit
28Serum Total ProteinChemistry Unit
29Serum TriglyceridesChemistry Unit
30Serum Uric AcidChemistry Unit
31SGOT (AST)Chemistry Unit
32SGPT (ALT)Chemistry Unit
72Serum BicarbonatesChemistry Unit
73Serum Calcium (Total)Chemistry Unit
74Serum GlobulinChemistry Unit
75Serum OsmolalityChemistry Unit
76Serum Protein ElectrophoresisChemistry Unit
96Serum B12 LevelHematology Unit
97Serum Folate LevelHematology Unit
160Sickling testHematology Unit
161Sucrose Lysis TestHematology Unit
220Serum Prolactin Level (PRL)Hormones Unit
219Serum Cortisol 9:00 AMHormones Unit
244Serum Insulin Level (2hrs PP )Hormones Unit
245Serum Insulin Level (Fasting)Hormones Unit
246Serum Pregnancy Test (Qualitative)Hormones Unit
247SHBG (Sex Horm. Binding Glob.)Hormones Unit
375SCL70 AbImmunology Unit
376Smooth Muscle Antibodies (SMA)Immunology Unit
463Semen (Fructose)Microbiology Unit
464Semen Culture For FungiMicrobiology Unit
465Semen ExaminationMicrobiology Unit
466Semen Examination & C ⁄ SMicrobiology Unit
467Semen Film For AFB (TB)Microbiology Unit
468Serology For Amoebiasis (IHA)Microbiology Unit
469Serology For BrucellaMicrobiology Unit
470Serology For Helicobacter (IgG)Microbiology Unit
471Serology For SyphilisMicrobiology Unit
472Skin Biopsy Culture and SensitivityMicrobiology Unit
473Skin Culture for FungiMicrobiology Unit
474Skin Examination For FungiMicrobiology Unit
475Small biopsyMicrobiology Unit
476Sputum Culture For FungiMicrobiology Unit
477Sputum Examination C ⁄ SMicrobiology Unit
478Sputum Film For AFB (1 Sample)Microbiology Unit
479Sputum Film For AFB (3 Samples)Microbiology Unit
480Sputum Film For AFB (5 Samples)Microbiology Unit
481Stone AnalysisMicrobiology Unit
482Stool Culture For FungiMicrobiology Unit
483Stool ExaminationMicrobiology Unit
484Stool Examination C ⁄ SMicrobiology Unit
485Stool Film For AFB (TB)Microbiology Unit
486Stool For Reducing SugarsMicrobiology Unit
487Swab Culture & SensitivityMicrobiology Unit
488Synovial Fluid Culture For FungiMicrobiology Unit
489Synovial Fluid Examination & C ⁄ SMicrobiology Unit
490Synovial Fluid Film For AFB (TB)Microbiology Unit